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Call for Papers: Economics and Human Flourishing

The Economic Humanist Group together with the Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics (ISLE) invites submissions of abstracts and papers for consideration for inclusion in their jointly hosted conference on the topic of:

Economics and Human Flourishing: (What) Can Economists Learn from Theology?

Conference to be held at the Leuven Center of Christian Studies in Leuven Belgium on June 30 and July 1st, 2023.

Call for papers Deadline: January 31, 2023

Details about submission requirements can be found here.

Two parallel workshop tracks

Track A: To explore the potential shared anthropological ground between economics and theology, inviting contributions from disciplines including theology, anthropology, philosophy (e.g. personalism), and history of ideas.

Track B: Specifically designed for scholars trained in the (formal) language of economic models. Asking how insights from other disciplines with a richer understanding of anthropology can feed in ideas to economists, whilst allowing them to treat those insights within the ‘epistemic culture’ of economics, based to a considerable degree on mathematical modeling.