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Sattler College – Job Posting (Business & Economics)

Sattler College is a growing, four-year college in Boston, equipping Jesus’ peaceful revolution.  The ideal candidate will bring professional as well as academic experience to teach Micro, Macro, and Developmental Economics as well as business courses. The position will begin in August 2021. Rank is commensurate with experience. Please see the attached announcement for additional information.  (

ACE Event: The Promise And Limits of Economics

On January 9th, the American Enterprise Institute’s Initiative on Faith and Public Life hosted their annual retreat for faculty. This year the theme was a question: “What would a truly humane economy look like in the United States?” The retreat was cosponsored with the Association of Christian Economists.

There were some great conversations over the day, some of which will show up as papers in the forthcoming issue of Faith & Economics. The session shared here had the title: “The Promise and Limits of Economics.” The panel consisted of three top interdisciplinary Christian scholars: Mary Hirschfeld, Samuel Gregg, and William Cavanaugh.

Over the course of this conversation, we talk primarily about the way economists think, and not as much about the content of economics. It is important to be mindful of those blind spots that we have because of our background and training. We are all trained to think in particular categories, and ask a certain set of questions. Talking to theologians and philosophers, as well as studying history, can help us think critically about those things that we, sometimes inapropriately take for granted, and it helps us think more carefully about even the things we are sure about. The same, of course, is also true in reverse: philosophers and theologians have much to gain from conversation with economists. The conversation covers a lot of ground quickly, as you might expect with such a broad topic. These kinds of events serve us best as opportunities to spur thinking, and to start an inquiry, rather than as a final word on a topic. I hope you will find this to be true here.

American Enterprise Institute’s Initiative on Faith & Public Life (

ACE Business Meeting

We will hold our annual ACE business meeting on Tuesday, January 5th at 2:30 PM EST. The meeting will be held electronically on zoom. Members should have received an email invitation with meeting information.

The meeting agenda will include the usual items, including results from our recent election of officers and reports from the treasurer, secretary, Faith & Economics editor, and a general discussion of the work of the association.