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Faith & Economics – Fall 2002

Faith & Economics
NUMBER 40, Fall 2002

Symposium: Weighing The Good of Affluence

Markets Without Guilt
Kenneth G. Elzinga 

Affirmation of Affluence, or Awkward Ambivalence?
Dr. Andy Hartropp 

Godly Delight, Christian Vocation, and Moral Obligation: A Much Needed Perspective on Capitalism
Robin Klay 

Is Affluence Good?
Craig L. Blomberg 

Delight, Danger, and Duty: The Good of Affluence and Current Research on Wealth in the Gospels
Edd S. Noell 

In Defense of Delight
John Schneider 


“The Ministry of Referees and Discussants”
Christopher B. Barrett and David Mustard 

Book Reviews

Economics as Religion: Samuelson to Chicago and Beyond
by Robert H. Nelson
Reviewed by Gregory A. Krohn 

Christianity and the Culture of Economics
by Donald A. Hay and Alan Kreider
Reviewed by Victor V. Claar 

Modern Catholic Social Documents & Political Economy
by Albino Barrera
Reviewed by Arthur C. Brooks 

God and Mammon: Protestants, Money, and the Market, 1790-1860
by Mark A. Noll
Reviewed by Carl R. Gwin and Charles M. North

The Economic Person: Acting and Analyzing
by Peter L. Danner
Reviewed by Kevin E. Schmeising