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Faith & Economics – Spring 1996

Faith & Economics
NUMBER 27, Spring 1996


Free Markets and Character
Andrew M. Yuengert

Stewardship and the Welfare Economics of Sustainable Development
Christopher Barrett

Book Reviews

Getting and Spending: A Primer in Economic Morality
by Peter L. Danner
Reviewed by Jeffrey T. Young

Beyond Economic Man: Feminist Theory and Economics
by Marianne A. Ferber and Julie A. Nelson (eds.)
Reviewed by Robin Klay

Telecommunication Policy for the Information Age: From Monopoly to Competition
by Gerald W. Brock
Reviewed by William C. Wood

Profits, Priests, and Princes: Adam Smith’s Emancipation of Economics from Politics and Religion
by Peter Minowitz
Reviewed by William F. Campbell

Economics and Religion: Are They Distinct?
by H. Geoffrey Brennan and A.M.C. Waterman, eds.
Reviewed by Bruce G. Webb