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Faith & Economics – Spring 1995

Faith & Economics
NUMBER 25, Spring 1995

Special Report

Reflections on Oxford III
Bob Goudzwaard, P.J. Hill, and Roger D. Johnson

The Agra Covenant on Christian Capital
Ronald J. Sider, Vinay Samuel, David Bussau, Moss Ntlha, Ruth Callanta, and Tito Paredes 

Book Reviews

What Does the Lord Require: How American Christians Think About Economic Justice 
by Stephen Hart
Do Justice: Linking Christian Faith and Modern Economic Life
by Rebecca M. Blank
Reviewed by Gregory Krohn 

Out of Work: Unemployment and Government in Twentieth-Century America
by Richard K. Vedder and Lowell E. Gallaway
Reviewed by Carl M. Campbell III 

Capital and the Kingdom: Theological Ethics and Economic Order
by Timothy J. Gorringe
Reviewed by Ross Emmett 

Between God and Gold: Protestant Evangelicalism and the Industrial Revolution, 1820-1914
by Robert A. Wauzzinski
Reviewed by Bruce G. Webb