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Faith & Economics – Fall 1994

Faith & Economics
NUMBER 24, Fall 1994


The Christian Economist as a Dream Interpreter
Gerald Brock

Integration and Differentiation: Economics at Christian Colleges
Stephen L.S. Smith

Comments on Brock, Smith, and Elzinga
James A. Clifton and Brian J. Hall

Panel Discussion: What Should ACE Do?
Judith M. Dean, Earl Grinols, and John Mason 

Recent Economic Positions of the Protestant Churches
Lee E. Erickson 

Book Reviews

A Christian Perspective on Political Thought
by Stephen C. Mott
Reviewed by Douglas Vickers

Knowledge and Persuasion in Economics
by Donald N. McCloskey
Reviewed by Paul Heyne

The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
by Michael Novak
Reviewed by Robin Klay

Building the Free Society: Democracy, Capitalism, and Catholic Social Teaching
by George Weigel and Robert Royal, eds. 
Reviewed by Andrew Yuengert