Monthly Archives: February 2023

Call for Development Economists: EA Christian Conference on April 20-21 in D.C.

The Christian Impact Professionals Conference brings together Christian economists, M&E experts, and other key stakeholders to discuss evidence-based approaches to measuring program effectiveness. Conference to be held in Washington D.C. on April 20 and April 21, 2023

Speakers include Paul Niehaus (GiveDirectly, UCSD), Esther Wang (ID Insight / Bridgespan), Lincoln Lau (ICM)

For an invitation, please express interest on this page by March 31, 2023 (or March 5 if needing financial assistance), or email JD Bauman to say you are interested.

More info here.

Announcement: Gift to ACE

The ACE Executive Board is enormously pleased to announce that due to the generosity of friends of the Association who wish to remain anonymous, ACE has received a $150,000 gift. 

The donors’ over-arching desire is to provide resources that will enable ACE to better fulfill its mission.  With mutual agreement between the ACE Board and the donors formalized in a memorandum of understanding, the funds are targeted to be spent over five years in the following ways: administrative assistance, conference sponsorship, website development, and stipends for the editor-in-chief of Faith & Economics and other ACE leaders. 

All of this has the potential to be transformative.  The administrative assistant will assist with conference arrangements, software integration for dues and membership purposes, and grant-seeking.  (For convenience this staffer will be housed at Hope College, though that is not a requirement of the grant).  The Executive Board is thinking in terms of three conferences, the first of which is the summer 2023 conference.  We expect that one of the other conferences will be geared to current graduate students in economics.

Please pray with the us over the months and years ahead that we steward the gift wisely, that we lean into our mission, and that we impact a new generation of Christian economists.