Monthly Archives: August 2018

New Executive Editor of Faith and Economics

On behalf of the ACE Executive Committee I am pleased to announce that Steve McMullen is the new Executive Editor of Faith and Economics, following Kurt Schaefer’s successful 4-year tenure in that position.   Steve is a Professor of Economics at Hope College, and has served ACE as webmaster.  His primary research field is Education Policy, though his interests are broad and wide-ranging.  We are grateful for Steve’s willingness to bring his wisdom, insights and acumen to this new position.

Under Kurt’s leadership F&E has continued its upward trajectory with high-quality articles, symposia, and book reviews.  Kurt also oversaw the transition of F&E from a print to an online journal.  At the right moment we will celebrate Kurt’s accomplishments and thank him appropriately.

We are indeed doubly blessed.  Thank you Kurt!  Welcome Steven!

– Sara McCarty, on behalf of the Executive Committee