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Faith & Economics – Fall 1999

Faith & Economics
NUMBER 34, Fall 1999


Public Choice: A Review
P.J. Hill

Give The a Fish, Teach Them to Fish, or Organize a Fishing Club? NGOs, Civil Society and Economic Development
Roland Hoksbergen

A Conversation with Douglass Vickers
Bruce G. Webb


Promising Research Directions in the Development Field and Christian Economists’ Role
Julie Anderson Schaffner

Book Reviews

Faith in a Global Economy
by Rob van Drimmelen
Reviewed by Michael A. Anderson

Unintended Consequences: The Impact of Factor Endowments, Culture, and Politics on Long-Run Economic Performance
by Deepak Lal
Reviewed by Stephen L.S. Smith

Welfare and Values: Challenging the Culture of Unconcern
by Peter Askonas and Stephen F. Frowen
Reviewed by Becky Havens 

The Stakeholder Society
by Brucee Ackerman and Anne Alstott
Reviewed by Eric Beversluis

The Uses and Misuses of Human Data: The Mathematization of The Human Sciences
by W. James Bradly and Kurt C. Schaefer
Reviewed by Annette Tomal