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Faith & Economics – Fall 1998

Faith & Economics
NUMBER 32, Fall 1998


Why Should Economists Pay Attention to Austrian Economics
by Michael J. Wohlgenant


A Conversation With Donald Hay
Bruce G. Webb

Book Reviews

Has Globalization Gone Too Far?
by Dani Rodrik
Reviewed by Michael J. McCully

Economics as a Moral Science: The Political Economy of Adam Smith
by Jeffrey T. Young
Reviewed by James Halteman 

Beyond Growth
by Herman E. Daly
Reviewed by Denise Stanley

An Austrian Perspective on the history of Economic Thought
by Murray N. Rothward
Reviewed by William F. Campbell

Restorers of Hope: Reaching the Poor in Your Community with Church-Based Ministries That Work
by Amy L. Sherman
Reviewed by Timothy J. Essenburg

Overseas Research: A Practical Guide
by Christopher B. Barrett and Jeffrey W. Cason
Reviewed by Roland Hoksbergen 

Business as a Calling: Work and the Examined Life
by Michael Novak
Reviewed by Pual R. Koch