Monthly Archives: December 1997

Faith & Ethics – Fall 1997

Faith & Economics
NUMBER 30, Fall 1997


Can we Agree on This? 
Howard F. Ahmanson


Are We Turning Poor Countries into Pollution Havens?: Understanding the Trade/Environment Debate
Judith M. Dean

Conference Report

Social Responsibility in the Age of Globalization
Barend A. de Vries 

Globalization and Inequality
Michael A. Anderson and Stephen L.S. Smith

Book Reviews

Economic Analysis and Moral Philosophy
by Daniel M. Hausman and Michael S. McPherson
Reviewed by John P. Tiemstra 

Sacred Trust: The Medieval Church as an Economic Firm
by Robert B. Ekelund, Robert F. Herbert, Robert D. Tollison, Gary M. Anderson, and Audrey B. Davidson
Reviewed by William F. Campbell

The Soul of Development: Biblical Christianity and Economic Transformation in Guatemala
by Amy L. Sherman
Reviewed by Joseph McKinney 

Beyond Politics: Markets, Welfare and the Failure of Bureaucracy
by William C. Mitchell and Randy T. Simmons
Reviewed by Ross Payne 

The Heroic Enterprise: Business and the Common Good
by John M. Hood
Reviewed by Lisa Klein Surdyk