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Faith & Economics – Fall 1996

Faith & Economics
NUMBER 28, Fall 1996


Economics and the Evangelical Mind
John E. Anderson

Gambling Economics: A Primer
Earl L. Grinols

Book Reviews

Whither Socialism? 
by Joseph Stiglitz
Reviewed by P.J. Hill

One by One From the Inside Out: Essays and Reviews on Race and Responsibility in America
by Glenn C. Loury
Reviewed by Timothy J. Essenburg

On Moral Business: Classical and Contemporary Resources for Ethics in Economic Life
by Max L. Stackhouse, Dennis P. McCann, Shirley J. Roels, eds., with Preston N. Williams
Reviewed by Richard Chewning 

The Costs of Living: How Market Freedom Erodes the Best Things in Life
by Barry Schwartz
Reviewed by John Dodge