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Faith & Economics – Fall 1995

Faith & Economics
NUMBER 26, Fall 1995


The Modern State as an Occasion of Sin
Jennifer Roback Morse

John E. Anderson Comments on Morse

P.J. Hill Comments on Morse

An Introduction to the JUBILEE 2000 Campaign for International Debt Remission
Bill Peters

Charles K. Wilber Comments on Peters

Barend de Vries Comments on Peters

Book Reviews

Beyond Poverty and Affluence: Toward an Economy of Care
by Bob Goudzwaard and Harry de Lange
Reviewed by Tracy Miller 

Eco-Sanity: A Common-Sense Guide to Environmentalism
by Joseph L. Bast, Peter J. Hill, and Richard C. Rue
Reviewed by John P. Tiemstra

Welfare Reformed: A Compassionate Approach
by David W. Hall, ed.
Reviewed by John D. Mason 

Christianity and Economics in the Post-Cold War Era: The Oxford Declaration and Beyond
by Herbert Schlossberg, Vinay Samuel, and Ronald J. Sider, eds.
Reviewed by Tracy Miller